Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What does technology changes our life on photo editing?

We have always been surrounded by technology, information technology is all around us, and every trip/payment/browsing contains data and algorithms. Technology is constantly driving development and changing our lives. How should we use technology to process and enhance old photos for families?

Let's see what said by the developer about the software.

He said that his family had a lot of old photos, but they were pressed under the glass to keep flat and unbreakable. He saw pictures of his deceased grandfather, graduation pictures of his dad, and unforgettable memories of family reunions, he could only see them but not touch them. Because it is unique, it cannot be copied, and once it is broken, it cannot be repaired.

When he came back home, he brought their AI based software-PhotoAI. After a series of operations, he repaired and coloured old photos at home. Some of the photos are apparently nearly a century old, and after processing they look like just happened 10 years ago. He was very satisfied with this effect, and his family has been lamenting that technology can be so powerful.

Indeed, how to make technology change every bit of people's lives is what we have been pursuing.

In the past 4 years, they have focused on AI intelligent learning, training machines to recognize and learn from millions pictures, covering people/scenery/architectures of all ages.

At present, their machine can color black and white photos, and automatically repair the missing pixels of people photos, enhance the facial contour and repair the damaged position of the pictures. These are all integrated into their AI toolkit - PhotoAI.


* AI image enlarger
* AI intelligent background remover
* AI image enhance
* AI facial retouch
* AI image cartoonizer
* AI picture colourizer
* AI image sharpen
* AI HDR maker
* AI image sketch
* AI image denoizer

Within a month, it had already gained more than 100,000 users. Their feature has served millions of users over the past 4 years. More and more people are aware of AI technology, more and more people are involved, and it has brought creative changes to life.

At present, their products can meet professional needs such as printing/design, and the operation is very simple. 

How to use it

* Download the app and just click to upload your picture, and the system will operate automatically. 

This not only makes work efficient, but also meets the needs of the masses. We are no longer afraid of not being able to touch the photo, because WE GOT TECHNOLOGY.

How to download:

* Android users: 
click here to download

* iOS users: 
click here to download


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